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Linguisity for Android

Setup Instructions

Step 1

Visit the Linguisity Google Play page with your Android device.


Step 2

Proceed by clicking the 'Install' button.


Step 3

Please wait for the Linguisity app to finish installing, and then click the 'Open' button.


Step 4

After launching the Linguisity app, you will be prompted to either sign in with your existing account or to create a new one.


Step 5

You'll be greeted with the Linguisity welcome screen. Click 'Get started' to proceed.


Step 6

To proceed, please click the 'Enable in Settings' button.


Step 7

Activate the Linguisity on-screen keyboard using the toggle.


Step 8

In order to use Linguisity, it is necessary for you to accept this notification. This essential feature ensures that the typed text can be processed by our remote AI models for enhancement.


Step 9

In order to access the Linguisity features, you will need to switch your device's keyboard to the Linguisity keyboard. Simply click on the 'Switch input methods' button.


Step 10

Select the Linguisity radio button option to enable the Linguisity Keyboard.


Step 11

You have the option to add more languages to the keyboard if you wish. Once you are satisfied with the setup, click on 'Finished'.


Step 12

When selecting a text input from any application on your Android device, you will now have access to the features of Linguisity. You will know that it is working when you see the Linguisity button at the top of the keyboard, along with a language selector on the right side.


Step 13

Type a message that you would like to have enhanced. Choose the desired target output language, and then click the Linguisity button.


Step 14

The text is now sent to our AI models for correction and enhancement. You will see this loading screen while the processing is taking place.


Step 15

Once the correction and enhancement are complete, you will be presented with the updated version, along with a comprehensive description of all the changes that have been made.

If you are satisfied with the results, click Apply to update your text to the revised version. Otherwise, click Cancel.


Step 16

Now that the changes have been applied, you can use the revised text as you normally would with the application you are working with.


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